At Divide, hunting is much more than a sport, or a means for food—it is a passion.  This passion fuels the soul and ignites the unquenchable drive to be the best.  With this passion and drive, Divide coupled its extensive experience, knowledge, and skill to design and handcraft the best hunting rifles the world has ever seen.

Although, this wasn’t enough.
Divide’s vision is greater.

At Divide, our objective is to create a remarkable experience for each rifle owner.  This is accomplished by continued support, service and training well after the rifle purchase.  Our ultimate goal is that each customer has unwavering confidence in their Divide rifle, knowing that it will perform as expected when it matters most, as well as, having the ultimate assurance that Divide Gun Company will stand by them every step of the way.  This is why we are Divide.


Our Core Values

The Divide Experience

Providing a unique and remarkable customer experience is a cornerstone to Divide’s business philosophy.  Divide’s objectives are to listen, educate and train, then handcraft the optimal products for each individual customer.  The interaction, communication and experience during and after the custom build process are just as important to us as the quality of the products we produce.  We want you to have the best experience. Becoming a Divide rifle owner binds you into a tightknit family forever, where you have access to expert advice, training and numerous resources, not to mention, the assurance of having a company that guarantees and stands by its products. 

Responsible Hunting Practices

Divide is founded upon the principles of ethical hunting and respect for Mother Nature.  Although our products are designed for extreme precision at long ranges, we are proponents of making respectful and ethical hunting decisions.  With a passion for hunting and the outdoors, we want everyone to make a valiant effort to preserve this wonderful right to hunt for our future generations. 

Giving Back

Divide is a strong believer in giving back to the community and helping those in need.  Serving others and witnessing the joy it brings is one of life’s greatest blessings. Plus, it brings people together and strengthens communities.  Therefore, at Divide we actively seek opportunities to help the less fortunate by providing unique and memorable experiences.

Extreme Hunting

The inception of Divide was predicated upon the passion for extreme hunting.  Our love for hunting and the outdoors comes from an intimate connection with nature spawned from many years spent in remote places deep in the backcountry, hiking in on foot, by horse, by boat and flying bush planes into unknown wilderness areas.  The thrill of pushing ourselves to the limit in the most rugged terrain and harshest conditions in pursuit of wild game makes us feel alive and drives us to become better, even in areas outside of the sport. At Divide, our extreme passion goes beyond the field, as it has become embedded within every aspect our business.  We love what we do and are passionate about life. Come join the Divide family and experience this extreme passion for life and the outdoors.

Our Story

Growing up in Salmon, Idaho, in the shadows of the continental divide, Todd Walchli spent much of his life exploring the outdoors.  During this time, he developed a passion for guns, hunting and fishing. After high school Todd joined the coast guard, where he learned to fly helicopters.  He soon developed a passion for flying, which led him into an aviation career, where he undertook jobs flying helicopters and corporate jets around the world.

While working in aviation, Todd continued to pursue his passion for guns and the outdoors.  Todd couldn’t ever seem to find a rifle that fully met his needs as an avid hunter. Therefore, with his vast aviation knowledge of aerodynamics, Todd applied this to ballistics to begin the development of the ultimate hunting rifle, including hand tailored matching rounds to obtain optimal accuracy, precision and ballistic efficiency.  After meeting Rob Radcliffe, a serial entrepreneur and an extreme outdoorsman that has traveled the world hunting, the two shared a unified vision of building a rifle that meets the needs of the extreme hunter; an elite, lightweight, long-range, precision rifle that could withstand that rigors of extreme hunting. With Rob’s business and worldwide hunting experience, along with Todd’s aviation experience and technical gun building background, Divide Gun Company was born.   

After years of product development and numerous generations of rifles produced, the quest was completed and the ultimate hunting rifle was developed – the Freeman Series, by Divide Gun.

Team Divide

Todd Walchli

Co-Founder / Partner / COO 

With a background in aviation and applied ballistics, Todd Walchli is the technical mastermind behind the development of Divide’s products.  Todd oversees all operations and product development.

Rob Radcliffe

Co-Founder / Partner 

As a successful entrepreneur in various fields of business and an extreme hunter that has traveled the world hunting, Rob Radcliffe is an integral part of Divide’s product development and business strategy.  Rob earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Westminster College and has a private pilot’s license.

Chad Rodgers

Partner / CEO 

Being raised in a multigenerational family of hunters, Chad Rodgers was out in the field practically at birth.  His experiences hunting with his father and grandfather greatly shaped his character and his love for the outdoors.  Chad earned an MBA from the University of Utah and has extensive business and outdoor industry experience. After working for years with Rob on other business ventures, Chad joined team Divide and its vision.

Dennis Crownover

Master Machinist

Growing up in the beautiful, natural world of Salmon, Idaho, was an experience that was fundamental in shaping Dennis Crownover’s philosophies and perspectives in life.  He enjoyed a freedom and connection with the outdoors, beginning with hunting, fishing and trapping in his early years. In his 20’s Dennis moved to California, where he was trained and worked as a machinist in small aerospace and prototyping.  There he developed the fundamentals of machine work and basic metallurgy. Later Dennis was employed by a large energy company and worked his way up to design, engineering and senior project management. Building firearms was always one of Dennis’ passions, so he opened up a small retail gun shop and began customizing and building guns in his adjoining machine shop.  This new gun building and customization business boomed. Dennis eventually moved his business back to his roots in Salmon, Idaho, where he met Todd and Rob, and joined the Divide team. Dennis leads production as Divide’s Master Machinist.